If you have nothing to read, READ THIS!

05 Mar

I love books! I have so many books, ranging from philosophy to literature, from sciences to mathematics. However, I have to admit, because of my busy schedule, I have no time to read. But thanks to my boss that he had reintroduced me to the joy of reading and learning.

One of my favorites, among my little collection, is T. S. Eliot’s compilation of works, published by Harcourt. The copyright page read: 1951. A very rare collection, I had this book for only P150 ($3.46/Euros2.47) in one of the thrift shops in Manila. The storeowner, I think, knew the exact value of this book. Truly, a rare find to a bookworm like me!

Another one is my “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” 1922 edition; I bought it for around P30 ($0.69/Euros0.45). However, some pages were torn and that really ruined my heart. But I kept the copy anyway, hoping that in my book hunting, I could find a new one with complete pages!

One of my well-kept collections is Sigmund Freud’s quite thick book. It was translated by Dr. A. A. Brill; the copyright page says it was published in 1933. The cover was changed to hardbound.

Now you have a bird’s eye view of my collection. Are you envied yet? 😛

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