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By means of an introduction

I’ve been working for three days now, in an outsourcing business here in Libis, Quezon City. It has been so long since I worked in a corporate environment. My last stint as an office boy was in 2009, when I worked in a research and thesis mill in Makati. I won’t name the company, neither I will give a hint. Just guess!


Giving up my freelance career as a journalist and an editor is not that easy. It takes me quite sometime to finally decide to click that button to apply for a job. Luckily, a company called me, had my interview, and whoala! I am now back in the business as an office boy. I still do writing, but it’s more of doing articles for websites.

However, unlike what I am doing before, the work is lighter and the company, I think is better–absolutely much better than the previous one. I will reveal the company’s name in the near future! Just wait! Patience is a virtue! He-he-he!


I have created this blog, not to share you my dark secrets. It’s a kinda way of further improving my writing, making it more light.


Honestly, I am not familiar with ‘light’ writing. Being a newspaperman for some years, the words that come in my keyboard are totally dry, with a commanding tone: “Hey, read it! It’s a news.”

My boss, Mr. P, says that my writing is “journalese,” or “PRish” or more like of a press release. The second person point of view always wins (or worst the third person always defeat the first person point of view). I have to admit that I have to go an extra mile to make my writing a little bit relaxed.


Stiff writing, actually, is an unwritten law common to journalists. It’s a relief that you read an article that is light and colorful in the pages of the Inquirer, the Philippines Star or even in the progressive online news magazine, You can have that kind of writing in lifestyle pages. I love Bianca Consunji‘s way of writing.

Now, I am learning to write like writing a book for a child. I know that it would be a tedious process, but I need to try and try harder in order to keep my present job. He-he-he!

Well, here at the company, learning is a continuous process. And as I have said before, this blog will be my taking off point of doing light writing. I will try to create funny writings here and practice more of my English, those kinds of stuff.


Anyway, too much for an introduction… I am just welcoming you guys in my blog! That’s all! Mwah!

It’s me, N. S. B.

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