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world of hybrids

Twentieth century is the century of hybrids — hybrid cars, hybrid computers, and of course, hybrid outsourcing. Haven’t heard of the term hybrid outsourcing?

Hybrid outsourcing is a combination of near shore and offshore outsourcing. One of the companies that uses hybrid outsourcing is Britain’s oldest encyclopedia, the British Encyclopaedia. In the United Kingdom (UK), small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) are actually using hybrid outsourcing to back-up their businesses.

In the Philippines, I think there are only few hybrid outsourcing firms. One of these is the FlexPoint Outsourcing, being managed by the CreativeLynx International, Inc. based in Libis, Quezon City. The top five call centers that uses hybrid outsourcing models,  as I have researched through the internet are Accenture, Convergys, LWS Media, People Support and Teletech.

FlexPoint Outsourcing boasts its services as reliable, fast, efficient, and of course cheap. Paul Galasso, the chief strategist officer of the firm said in an article that he wrote, hybrid outsourcing is one way of helping small enterprises or businesses to boost their income more as the firm, just like FlexPoint, takes out the secondary task out of their hands, so that the business owners or entrepreneurs can focus in their core business activities.

In the Philippines, outsourcing, also commonly known as business process outsourcing (BPO) is considered a sunshine industry, employing around a million people – most of them are young professionals – and had an estimated aggregated income in 2010 of US$11 billion. Of course, the number one factor that attracts business to outsource their secondary tasks or those things that are needed, but least important in the whole business, cycle is outsourcing, just like the hybrid type, cost reduction in terms of business operations. Contrary to popular belief that business process outsourcing is a serious threat to local workers, i.e. American professionals or skilled-workers, it can actually boost local employment.

Hmm, this sounds interesting. Anyways, hybrid outsourcing,  I think would be the fad in the BPO industry in the Philippines, or elsewhere.

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