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Catching up on my reading

On my desk, you will find at least six (6) books about marketing and popular economics. No! I have not yet returned to the university and have my doctoral degree, silly! I am writing an e-book for the office’s clients. Yep, I am into long writing right now.


When I was younger (I am still young, silly! I am only 30 y.o. and my birthday would be in December. It’s the only time that I would be officially 31. Yep, I am reaching my midlife. But I am proud of it! I hope that I have learned valuable lessons in the past. It’s hard to be called, “tumatandang paurong” or “tumatandang walang pinagkakatandaan.” In English, mature in age, but immature in thoughts and in deeds), I used to be in the library always. I am a typical bookworm. I love books! In our house in Antipolo, I have a small library there. My collections range from philosophy to mathematics.

Now, I am proud that I am reading again real books.


In this era of information and communications technology, most of the people, especially the young ones depend heavily on the internet for their information and internet. Well, that’s globalization.  However, nothing can replace a true book to read or a real newspaper or magazine to browse.

I do believe that children should be introduced to both real and electronic reading materials and caution them about the validity or the truthfulness of some of the information in the internet. Although the internet offers lots of information, the veracity or the truthfulness of the information it’s offering should have always been verified. That’s the power of research.


My office mate, Den, is now teaching me how to do S.E.O. I am excited about it! I know a little about the thing, but I admit, I am not an expert or a guru. Thanks for the help, Den!



I am updating this blog very often, perhaps daily, after work. So, wait for the daily gossips! Ha-ha-ha! No, I am just kidding. I am also adding some of my “creative works” here. So keep watch! God loves us all!

It’s me,

N. S. B.


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